Avocados Top Choice For Healthy Snack Amongst US Hispanic Millennials

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National study shows US Hispanic Millennials prefer healthy snacks like avocado

Who doesn’t love a healthy snack like an avocado? New research based off a national study by Aguacates Frescos – Saborea Uno Hoy show that a majority of US Hispanic Millennials achieve their health goals by choosing a healthy snack to settle those cravings in between meals.

The same majority expressed an interest in finding new methods to incorporate high-fiber foods, like fresh avocado, into their snack routines. It was also beneficial in having supportive social groups as snacking buddies, such as friends, coworkers and even family.

Saborea Uno Hoy spokesperson and registered dietitian Sylvia Melendez-Klinger says, “Snacks with creamy avocados can be a satisfying, even indulgent highlight of a reduced-calorie diet. To help keep diets on track, I’m supportive of lining up a snacking buddy at home or work and stocking up on nutrient-dense choices like fresh avocados to ensure there are always appetizing, healthy options within reach.”

According to the study, half of the Hispanic Millennials aged 21 to 38 say they always or often chose snacks that help them achieve their overall healthy living objectives. A gateway to new appetizing avocado snack recipes could help increase that frequency, as 86 percent of Hispanic Millennials desired additional ways to eat avocado now that they are knowledgeable the fruit is also high in fiber and can aid with weight loss.

In response to these findings and in honor of a nation-wide focus on healthy eating, Saborea Uno Hoy has released a new set of fresh avocado recipes around the 200-calorie range. Many people may mistake these recipes for an unhealthy snack rather than a healthy option, but just because a fresh avocado is rich and creamy doesn’t mean that it’s unhealthy! With Halloween about a month away, those Avocado Halloween Pumpkin Balls are a perfect treat.


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