These Might Be The Best Low Impact Workouts For Your Body

Best low impact workouts

Try out these best low impact workouts that are beginner friendly

Want to know the best low impact workouts? Though it may seem like a specialized form of exercise, there are many activities that fall under the category of low impact workouts and exercises. They are frequently promoted as being good for our joints and are easy to pick up and practice.

Before we cover the best low impact workouts, let’s first dispel the common myths about these joint friendly activities. “Low impact” is generally understood to mean using motions that do not exert a lot of stress on the body. This can be slightly confusing, as exercising is technically considered stress on the body. What we want to achieve when practicing low impact workouts is to do exercises that avoid the need to prepare the body for impact.

Many exercises should come to mind, and if you’re thinking what we’re thinking, the low impact workouts below should suffice for your needs. Here are the best low impact workouts to add to your daily routine.


Walking is the easiest exercise and involves absolutely zero equipment. Compared to running or jogging it has less effect on the knees, especially when walking on softer surfaces such as grass or a track. Also, a whole lot of calories can be burned just by power walking.


Our pick for the best low impact workout is swimming. Swimming involves cardio, strength, and flexibility while also incorporating buoyancy, which helps support weight and lowers stress on the body. Additional benefits of swimming include strengthening the back, core, legs, and shoulders.


Cycling provides a similar intensity and adrenaline rush as other more strenuous activities, but excludes major stress on the joints. Although those with knee issues might want to proceed with caution, both indoor or outdoor cycling can be a healthy and fun low impact workout for all ages.


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