Boost Mental Health By Cleaning

Boost mental health by cleaning

Simply boost mental health by cleaning and decluttering your home

Did you know you can boost mental health by cleaning and organizing your surroundings? We usually feel some kind of positivity and satisfaction upon finishing any task, whether it comes to chores, errands, or even exercising. Why is that so?

There are several scientific studies that show a link between mental health and clutter. According to a 2016 study from the University of New Mexico, clutter interferes directly with a person’s ability to feel enjoyment in a setting. Knowing this, we can boost mental health by cleaning and decluttering something as simple as our room, home, or office space.

We’re all prone to being disorganized at times, but when it’s dealing with feelings of high stress, worry, burnout, or depression, it’s typically a sign that we’re having mental health issues. Based on DSM-5, a handbook that mental health professionals use to aid their diagnoses, the criteria for depression includes a decrease of energy, physical movement, and interest in activities. These are all things that our body utilizes while cleaning and decluttering our home. See the connection?

Cleaning and decluttering can release endorphins, which interact with the receptors of our brains. These endorphins alter the perception of pain and trigger a positive feeling in our bodies. That’s why exercising has been proven to reduce stress and lessen anxiety, resulting in a decrease in depression. The similarities are there, and by achieving our goals we can improve our lives dramatically.

We don’t have to go as far as becoming neat freaks, we can boost mental health by cleaning bit by bit. By taking a step by step approach, our minds won’t feel as overwhelmed, and may even become more satisfied by accomplishing several mini-tasks rather than one gigantic goal that’s probably out of our reach.

After putting in the work, it’ll help us gain a sense of control over our environment. It also can have a relaxing and calming effect on our bodies as we engage our mind in this repetitive activity. Building these habits will lead us to a healthier lifestyle while giving us peace of mind in our own surroundings.


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