Should You Use Collagen Peptide Supplements?

Collagen Peptide Supplement

Here are some key takeaways of collagen peptide supplements

Those who seek to improve skin appearance may delve in the usage of collagen peptide supplements, which have been gaining popularity as of late. Also a popular choice for strengthening hair, nails, and reducing joint pain, these supplements now come in many different forms from pills to even coffee.

The most prevalent protein in our body is collagen. In addition to our skin, numerous other bodily components such as tendons, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, and teeth also contain it. Collagen is involved in many aspects of our health, many of which are connected to giving our body’s tissues stability and structure. In general, it contributes to maintaining the elasticity of our skin as well as keeping our joints, tendons, and ligaments flexible.

Collagen peptide supplementation has been shown in a few studies to improve skin aging. According to a 2023 review published in the journal Nutrients, those who took oral hydrolyzed collagen supplements exhibited some indications of increased skin hydration and elasticity.

Collagen Peptide Supplement

That said, there isn’t any research to show that supplemented collagen powder is any better than food sources of collagen. Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby! Dermatologists do agree that further research is necessary to fully understand the safety of collagen supplementation, even studies have found that it is typically safe.

In the event that you want to use collagen peptide supplements, make sure to pay attention and check for allergens as some collagen supplements may be made from eggs or shellfish. Some supplements also have added sugars. We would recommend taking the ones that have the least amount of sugar.

Last but not least, double check to verify that these collagen products have a U.S. Pharmacopeia verification seal. This is due to the fact that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not strictly regulate collagen supplements. The U.S. Pharmacopeia seal proves that a third party has confirmed that the supplement includes the components mentioned on its label.


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