CreakyJoints Launches ArthritisPower Español App

ArthritisPower Español
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Free Research Registry App ArthritisPower Español Is Now Available

ArthritisPower Español is a patient-centered research registry app for people living with arthritis, joint, bone, and other inflammatory illnesses. Created by CreakyJoints, a digital community for arthritis patients and caregivers all around the world, the ArthritisPower Español research registry app is now entirely available in Spanish.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that over 4 million Hispanic Americans currently live with some type of diagnosed arthritis. There has also been inadequate access to healthcare information and instruction for the Hispanic community. ArthritisPower Español allows the Hispanic community to participate in learning and understanding the management that is required for people with illnesses such as arthritis.

Juan Maya, M.D., a medical advisor to CreakyJoints Español and rheumatologist at Rheumatology Center of Palm Beach, has encouraged his patients to download the ArthritisPower Español research registry app to track treatment goals. “The more a patient learns about and understands their arthritis, the better we can collaborate to build an actionable and effective management strategy,” said Maya.

Participants of the ArthritisPower Español app will be invited to join the ArthritisPower Patient Governor Group. They will be in charge of collaborating with health clinicians and researchers to evaluate research study proposals, as well as providing input on questionnaires to be answered for future content within the research registry app.

“Part of our mission is to provide patients with opportunities to amplify their voice and feel heard,” said executive director and co-founder of CreakyJoints, Louis Tharp. “We look forward to seeing the continued growth of ArthitisPower, which began with infrastructure funding from the Affordable Care Act’s Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute, and for users to benefit from the data they collect and share with their provider team.”


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