Google Cloud Medical Imaging Suite Announced

Google Cloud Medical Imaging Suite

The Google Cloud Medical Imaging Suite is aimed to aid worldwide medical care

Available now, the Google Cloud Medical Imaging Suite has launched to help with the availability and compatibility of image data for radiology and other types of imaging data. According to Google, the new suite consists of components specialized in datasets, dashboards, lab, storage, and AI pipelines for imaging.

Research from Cornell University has shown that billions of medical images and imaging data make up 90% of all existing healthcare data. The goal here is that AI is able to find diagnoses more accurately than human physicians, while reducing the work from radiologists. These images have the priority of technology usage to help improve the quality of care delivery.

The Google Cloud Medical Imaging Suite is intended to provide flexible options for cloud, on-premises, or edge deployment to enable organizations to meet various requirements for data security and privacy while offering centralized management and enforcements on policies with the Google Distributed Cloud. The new suite will include file storage on the cloud, as well as algorithms to quicken the development of machine learning models.

“Google pioneered the use of AI and computer vision in Google Photos, Google Image Search, and Google Lens, and now we’re making our imaging expertise, tools and technologies available for healthcare and life sciences enterprises,” said global lead of Google Cloud’s MedTech Strategy and Solutions, Alissa Hsu Lynch. “Our Medical Imaging Suite shows what’s possible when tech and healthcare companies come together.”

The tech giant hopes their new technology would be able to identify a significant number of illnesses, freeing up medical staff members’ time to treat patients. The Google Cloud Medical Imaging Suite is already being used by clients of Google Cloud, including Hackensack Meridian Health in New Jersey, who are utilizing it to anonymize photos so that AI algorithms may be created that can forecast metastases in patients with prostate cancer.


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