Great Post-Cardio Stretches To Boost Flexibility

Post-cardio stretches

Give some love to your tired muscles with post-cardio stretches

Don’t forget about post-cardio stretches! Allocating some time to stretch after a strenuous cardio workout helps regulate blood flow, reduce injury, and increase flexibility. It only takes a few minutes to move through these post-cardio stretches to boost flexibility for the body.

Although it’s not the most exciting part of the workout, stretching is super important to keep our fitness routine balanced and working like a well-oiled machine. Post-cardio stretches help the body cool down and also allows it to slowly adjust back to normal resting rate. They increase blood flow to muscles and soft tissues, which utilize nutrients and oxygen to self-repair.

Since you’re already warmed up after working out, there is no better time to practice post-cardio stretches. It is best to focus on the muscles used during the prior workout, so the lower-body and core will be the target. We’ve provided below a list of stretches to boost flexibility, just make sure to hold each one for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Frog Stretch

Targets hip flexor and inner thigh muscles

  • Lay with hands and knees on floor
  • Slide knees wider than shoulder-width apart
  • Turn toes out and rest inner feet flat on floor
  • Shift hips back toward heels
  • Move hands to forearms for a deeper stretch

Heel Drop

Stretches Achilles tendon and calf muscles (requires a stair or step)

  • Stand with balls of feet on edge of step
  • Drop one heel toward floor
  • Bend other leg without putting much weight
  • Repeat on other heel

Knee to Chest Stretch

Stretches glutes, hamstrings, and lower back

  • Lie on bacl with legs extended
  • Pull left knee to chest while keeping left leg straight and lower back pressed down
  • Repeat on other leg

Piriformis Stretch

Rotates and stretches the spine along with the piriformis muscle

  • Sit on floor with both legs extended in front
  • Cross left leg over right leg and place left foot flat on floor
  • Place left hand on floor behind body
  • Place right hand on left quad (or right elbow on left knee) and press left leg to the right as you twist torso to left side
  • Switch and repeat on other side

Pretzel Stretch

Stretches glutes, hips, quads, obliques, and spine

  • Lay on right side with head resting on arm
  • Bend left knee and hip toward chest, then let it drop to floor
  • Bend right knee and grab right foot with left hand
  • Make sure leg and torso are positioned in a straight line while you bring top shoulder blade toward floor
  • Switch and repeat on other side


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