Latinos Can Benefit From Therapists Who Understand Culture

Latinos Can Benefit

Why Latinos can benefit from therapists who are well-versed in their culture

Latinos can benefit from a culturally competent mental health provider or Latinx mental health professional who will try to understand and be sensitive to their cultural background. Values, race, and religious or spiritual beliefs are all part of this.

Without having to describe the details of family or upbringing, a Latinx therapist or bilingual therapist with this kind of training allows their client to focus on talking about their experiences and feelings. Here are some notes Latinos can benefit from when in search for a Latinx therapist.

Latinx therapists understand the importance of mental health. We all know in our culture that there is some hesitancy to seek treatment in the first place. Sometimes shame and guilt are brought upon by family. A Latinx mental health professional would acknowledge and understand all of this. A Latinx therapist or bilingual therapist can guide and ease the client to set aside that internal barrier.

The Latinx community should not be scared to ask questions. Latinos can benefit even more by scheduling a short interview with their Latinx mental health professional. To identify whether or not a particular Latinx professional could qualify, we’ve provided some example questions below to ask. Make sure to seek a bilingual therapist if you prefer to convey your thoughts and feelings in Spanish.

  • What kind of knowledge or experience do you have with my particular culture or background?
  • Do you know what the Latino family’s values and beliefs are, and what that means?
  • Have you worked with clients from various ethnic backgrounds?

Not everyone will have the funds to seek out a therapist who is culturally competent, but there are ways to work around this as there are many Latinx professionals out there and available to help. Students can try to seek school counselors or campus health centers and local clinics. Also, nonprofit clinics and private practice therapists may be able to price on a “sliding scale”, meaning the service charge is determined by a person’s financial ability to pay.

We hope to have provided some guidance for anyone in need. There are a number of Latinx mental health professionals out there that Latinos can benefit from. Also listed below are a few mental health directories for any further assistance.

Latinx Therapy –  National directory of therapists with 98% Spanish-speakers.

Therapy for Latinx – Directory of local Latinx therapists inspired by Yelp.

Latinx Therapists Action Network – Mental health platform and directory of mental health professionals that work with  migrant communities.

National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network – Professionals who specialize in serving LGBTQ individuals of color can be found in this directory. NQTTCM also provides financial assistance.

Psychology Today – Contains a search engine to locate a Latinx therapist.

Inclusive Therapists – Culturally responsive and social justice-oriented therapists are listed in this directory.


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