One Minute Vigorous Exercises Can Extend Lifespan

One minute vigorous exercises

Doing daily one minute vigorous exercises is super beneficial for a healthy life

There’s a new study out that tells us that one minute vigorous exercises can extend our lifespan. Less than 25% of adults in the United States fulfill the official recommendations for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity, but there’s an easy way to combat this. Research indicates that engaging in three one-minute bursts of intense exercise each day can lower the risk of dying.

Researchers from Australia’s University of Sydney conducted a study that used data of more than 25,000 inactive adults from the United Kingdom. These adults wore activity monitors and were tracked for seven years. The researchers found that the adults who performed about one minute vigorous exercises from regular daily activities had a 38 to 40 percent lower risk of death during the study when compared to those who weren’t active.

According to Emmanuel Stamatakis, the study’s lead author and a professor of physical activity and population health at the University of Sydney, this suggests that increasing daily activities can have significant health benefits. He claims that while there appears to be a cap on the amount of individuals who can be convinced to engage in regular exercise, these figures indicate that there’s less difficult strategies to enhance health.

“We’re shifting the discussion to everyday living, to activities people do anyway,” said Stamatakis. “Only a small minority in the population do regular leisure time exercise. We need to come up with more options for these people to gain some benefits from physical activity.”

The researchers also discovered that these one minute vigorous exercises appeared to be advantageous for those who already exercise on the regular. When examining data for more than 62,000 people who at least occasionally exercised, they found that short bursts of intense activity benefited these active adults. Stamatakis says that in this study, the researchers didn’t separately examine data for the fittest people, but he suspects that anyone could benefit from short bursts, given that vigorous physical activity seems to be so beneficial.


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