Start A Summer Fitness Routine With A Fitness Mentality

summer fitness routine
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Fitness mentality plays a big part in your summer fitness routine

There is no better time than this summer season to get on a summer fitness routine to improve our life and health. With the reopening of gyms, courses, and studios, we have easier access to figure out ways to get back to the goals and gains that we’ve been holding off the past year.

Some of the best fitness tips don’t even require equipment. If gyms are still not your thing, there are plenty of options out there to choose from to create a summer fitness routine. For some, leaving the home will not be necessary! You will be able to achieve your day-to-days in the comfort of your own environment. That is because it all starts off with the most important factor, your mindset.

Whether you use a trainer to keep you on track or to guide you through a more difficult fitness routine, your workout habits are inextricably linked to your fitness mentality. Want that hot girl summer? Or, hot boy summer? Better get to work. “By having a positive mindset you’ll start to realize that the number on the scale won’t shift your confidence and perspective — your mindset needs to be strong enough to love your body no matter what,” said Emily Skye, founder of Emily Skye FIT.

Think about what keeps you motivated. Also think about what keeps you distracted. It is easier said than done, but cut out those distractions completely because honestly, they can wait. Whether or not they are invitations, social media, or entertainment, you can put them aside if they’re suppressing your goals. If they assist you to better your health, keep it and even build upon it.

With the advancements of technology, it is difficult to turn our heads away from visual eye candy. Commercials, advertisements, social media – the spurt of dopamine can be very fun, but it can also hurt if taken too seriously. If you are easily feeling down or negative from looking at accomplishments of others, try to not compare yourself to them. It may be hard to digest, but those who hold those types of feelings are not responsible enough to diverge in that type of content.

If that is not the case, use whatever you need as long as you don’t hurt yourself or others. The actual end goal is for the betterment of your body, and if content creators truly aspire you to become a healthier person, use all the content needed for motivation and instruction. The community is there for a reason and content from YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram can all guide you to a positive fitness mentality and workout routine.

Outside of the workout media, the internet, or even a gym buddy with similar goals as you, seeking professional help is the safest solution for you to start a summer fitness routine since an instructor or coach will be able to train you professionally and accordingly to your current state of health. Search for a trainer who you find approachable and encouraging. They will likely be the same ones to motivate you and pick you back up when you feel down.

In short, visualize your success and train smart. Focus on your weaknesses and be aggressive on your constant approach to turn them into your strengths. Set your goals and complete them, sooner or later you’ll be well seasoned and closer to that hot summer bod. Remember to stay positive through all of this, and don’t forget to rest up.


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