Vegan Substitutes To Kickstart Your Veganuary


Join the vegan January challenge with these Veganuary tips

Veganuary is a campaign that encourages people to try out a vegan lifestyle for the whole month of January. This vegan January challenge follows a plant-based diet, with some participants going plant-based solely for 31 days this month, while others make the big jump to the complete vegan lifestyle.

If you’re interested in participating in Veganuary, you’ll need some advice if you’re not used to giving up meat. There’s also the concern of not eating any eggs or dairy for the entire month! Our tips will help you make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need when consuming vegan substitutes, all while feeling full and enjoying your meals.

Vegans choose from a variety of fruits, veggies, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and plant-based alternatives to prepare their daily meals. Check out the notes below with vegan substitutes that will surely make your journey through the vegan January challenge a whole lot easier.

Vegan substitutes:

  • Swap cow’s milk or goat’s milk with products made from almonds, coconut, oat, or soy
  • Swap eggs, meat, and fish with beans, nuts, and peas
  • Swap honey with cane sugar, dates, or molasses
  • Swap gelatin with agar-agar
  • Select organic, non-GMO, local, fair trade, and sustainable foods
  • Swap fur, leather, down, wool, and silk with materials made of synthetic or natural nonanimal materials such as cotton, rayon, linen, rubber, spandex, and nylon
  • Don’t use shampoo, cosmetics, and soaps that contain animal substances
  • Don’t participate in hunting activities

Veganuary is no easy task for newcomers. It’s important that your mindset is kept aligned with your goals. Instead of focusing on what you’re missing out on, make sure to think of the great new things that you’re bringing into your life. Good luck!


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