This Walking Pole Upper Body Workout Can Ease Back Pain

Walking pole upper body workout

Believe it or not, walking pole upper body workouts can burn more calories

Have you heard of the walking pole upper body workout known as Nordic walking? According to research, walking with poles can increase our heart rate and burn more calories than your usual unassisted stroll.

When doing the walking pole upper body workout, our metabolism may rise and more muscles may be activated as well. Since the walking poles can guide us to utilize more of our upper body, this Nordic walking exercise will help with our blood pressure and can improve our lives.

“The poles incorporate the upper body into the lower body through the core,” said Jon Schultz, a board-certified clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy based in Iowa and a certified master trainer for Urban Poling. “It’s a much more complete workout, just by adding the poles.”

Originating from Finland, Nordic walking is a walking pole upper body workout where each step is matched with the use of the arms and the poles. The poles will then engage more of the muscles and result in a much more intense exercise. In three simple steps. Here’s how to execute it:

  •     Plant down the pole
  •     Push down on its handle
  •     Move forward to increase the length of the stride

“People aren’t used to having their arms come up a little bit higher,” said Schultz. “Sometimes we have to even use one pole at a time until we can get both poles together.”

While not everyone can use them, most people can benefit from walking with poles. “It’s a very low-injury type of activity,” Schultz added. Consult with a doctor or a physical therapist if there’s any uncertainty about whether or not Nordic walking is a suitable option for you.


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