What Is Ecotherapy?

What is ecotherapy

What is ecotherapy and how does it work?

Those curious to seek out what is ecotherapy may find themselves on a nature crawl in search of better well-being and to lessen mental health symptoms. Ever notice when spending time outdoors, our moods liven up and we become more calm and relaxed? That’s the power of ecotherapy.

The foundation of what is ecotherapy is the notion that humans have a strong bond with their surroundings and the planet. Neglecting to foster this relationship might negatively impact our wellbeing, especially our mental health. Something as simple as a walk at a park, or a hike for those more adventurous, will suffice.

In addition, other forms of ecotherapy place a strong emphasis on giving back to the environment. Planting trees, recycling, compositing, or picking up trash all fit into this category. It’s almost limitless on what we can do to gain this social connection with nature.

The American Psychological Association states that “ecotherapy is gaining traction as a means to help people tap into nature’s therapeutic powers.” Similarly, NBC News reported that doctors all around the country have recently started prescribing their patients to spend more time outside in neighborhood parks and green areas.

ParkRx is a nationwide campaign that’s devoted to this cause. According to the ParkRx website, “Park Prescription programs can be as diverse as the communities for which they are designed and they often include collaboration between park and public land agencies, healthcare providers and community partners.”

There you have it, now you know what is ecotherapy and how you can partake in this activity. If you’re interested, the Ecohappiness Project is a platform that ties the science behind ecotherapy and the tools to guide you to a healthy life through nature. For more information, check out the Ecohappiness Project website here.


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