Why Are Morning Workouts So Important?

Morning workouts

There are many reasons why early birds love morning workouts

Not a fan of morning workouts? Let’s try to change that. We understand that it’s difficult for some to work out in the morning, but the emotional, physical, and physiological benefits that we receive from doing so may override any  stigmas from being the overachieving early bird. It’s a great tradeoff, trust us.

So what’s in it for you? Well, what if we told you that morning workouts can lead to having a happier day, a better night’s sleep, and faster muscle gains? The list goes on. It can even decrease your food cravings!

Research has shown that exercising on an empty stomach can burn up to 20 percent additional fat when compared to working out after eating a meal. Exercising decreases ghrelin, the hunger hormone. There’s been a study done on women who work out in the morning and how they emotionally respond to pictures of food. Those who practiced AM workouts resulted in less cravings than those who skipped the morning exercise.

For men, testosterone levels are sky high in the morning—AM workouts will allow those T-levels to supply energy and muscle gains. For instance, performing strength and weight training first thing in the morning will force the body to burn fat that’s already stored rather than relying on food that’s eaten.

Morning workouts are likely to help us stay active throughout the day. It even helps keep blood sugar under control. The hormone cortisol (which regulates blood sugar) is higher in the morning, and diabetics who work out in the morning will benefit from exercising during the safest time of their day.

Cortisol also helps us wake up and stay alert. We might as well take full advantage of the high levels of cortisol in the morning and allow it to coincide with our body’s endorphins to give us hours and hours of energy.

Since working out increases our heart rate and body temperature, and it’ll take some time for our bodies to wind down after exercising. Unless you’re on the graveyard shift, we don’t want all that energy to go to waste at night, so most of us are better off exercising when the sun’s out and about. Studies have also shown that those who practice 7AM workouts can fall asleep faster and deeper than others who have exercised in the afternoon or at night.

Everyone has a different schedule, and we’re only insisting on an early workout schedule to consider if the time works out (no pun intended) for you. With morning workouts, you just might have a happier and healthier day.


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