Yoga Helps With Memory Loss And Dementia

yoga helps with memory loss

Older adults may find that yoga helps with memory loss

A recent study discovered that home-based chair yoga helps with memory loss in older people with dementia. During the pandemic, online yoga usage became more and more popular, and it’s persisted ever since. While some people enjoy practicing yoga in physical spaces, many people still prefer the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and other advantages of online yoga, especially the elderly.

“The telehealth-based chair yoga intervention was found to be convenient to both participants and their caregivers in keeping them physically active, as it was easily accessible from home and did not require transportation or getting dressed, which reduced caregiver burden and stress,” said JuYoung Park, PhD, a professor and senior researcher in the Phyllis and Harvey Sandler School of Social Work at Florida Atlantic University’s College of Social Work and Criminal Justice.

Additionally, yoga demands a lot of physical exertion. Research has shown that physical activity of any kind, including simply day-to-day activities such as cleaning or gardening has the ability to lower the risk of dementia. Since it most definitely belongs in this group of physical activities, yoga helps with memory loss.

Park further explains that seniors with dementia “can focus on the chair yoga intervention more effectively in a comfortable home environment rather than in a community center, with its associated distractions.” Also, there weren’t any accidents or other negative outcomes during the intervention that yoga helps with memory loss, “indicating that online chair yoga with caregiver support is safe.”

Some participants may experience technical difficulties while accessing online sessions, therefore technical help should be made available as needed. “Since the instructor cannot engage in direct action with the participant, it’s recommended that a caregiver attend sessions with the person with dementia, monitor the participant for safety, and assist in following the poses correctly.” Park added.


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