The 4 Second Rule To Burn Fat

4 second rule

Learn to burn fat with the 4 second rule

The 4 second rule might be just what you need to get back into shape. There are various reasons why people don’t exercise, but the most prevalent is a lack of time which is one of the reasons trainers and fitness professionals are promoting the benefits of brief exercises at a high level of intensity.

A short workout using the 4 second rule can lose its effectiveness especially if it is not done with the adequate intensity. The 4 second rule for exercise can also be a motivator to get out from staying in the same place for too long. According to a study published in The New York Times, performing a 4 second workout of any exercise at your maximum effort will help you obtain better results, whether it is to build muscle, burn fat, or lose weight.

The 4 second rule is made of 4 second bursts of activity such as a very intense exercise like biking, sprinting, or jumping rope. Then, repeating the set up to 30 times and resting for 15 to 30 seconds between each set. In a bike test, Dr. Edward Coyle, a professor of kinesiology and health education at the University of Texas, discovered that the procedure can help metabolize fat, improve leg muscle mass, and increase peak power.

Furthermore, the 4 second rule is best applied to machine exercises like stationary bicycles, because reaching your full capacity when jogging or performing burpees is much more difficult. Also, if your form is lacking and not correct it will cost you more time to achieve those same results. Make sure to work with a professional trainer as they can guide you to reach your full potential.

For an optimal workout, the 4 second rule is best paired with normal and longer workouts. Achieving balance is key here as you want to burn fat and increase overall strength and endurance. Not to say it’s an easy task to do, but it is definitely as easy as 1-2-3-and 4, to remember.


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