Older Adults Should Stay Active Daylong

Older adults should stay active

With multiple physical activities, older adults should stay active daylong

Older adults should stay active daylong and benefit from the results. According to a new study, daily gym sessions may not have the same favorable impact as frequent activity throughout the day. Research shows that older adults who stay active daylong may be healthier than those who exercise on a regular basis.

In a study that followed obese low-active older adults aged 65-86 years, researchers discovered that older adults who engaged in a variety of short-term activities that kept them moving throughout the day were less likely to gain it back. Participants who conducted organized exercise, such as gym classes, did not fare as well.

It wasn’t because the gym classes were poor or subpar, but because older adults preferred to do the gym class exercises exclusively rather than stay active daylong. Typically, when people lose weight, they lose muscle. When older adults look to restore it soon after, the muscle does not return, leaving the elderly less healthier than they were before the weight reduction.

Here is the solution. Older adults should stay active daylong by finding ways to organically add movement throughout the day. There are simple and fun ways to do this such as walking with friends, a pet, or even gardening or biking. It is suggested that older adults should stay active by completing 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week.

150 minutes may sound a bit much but it’s a good start. You can set your goals accordingly as every person is different, just ease into it. As we become older, it becomes easier to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. We need to focus and adapt by setting goals and routines so that we keep our body and mind fresh.

If the gym is already in your daily routine, keep at it and add some other light movements so that you can stay active daylong. Walking around the house or taking a few rounds up and down the stairs are very beneficial. Once you develop a pattern of constant movement, you are on the right path. Daily, weekly, monthly, it’s important that older adults establish these sustainable habits for a happier, healthier lifestyle.


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