FDA Identifies Source Of WanaBana Cinnamon Pouches Recall

WanaBana Cinnamon Pouches Recall

The WanaBana Cinnamon Pouches recall occurred on October 31, 2023

As part of its investigation into the lead-contaminated food goods, the FDA executed a WanaBana Cinnamon Pouches recall on all of the apple cinnamon fruit puree and cinnamon applesauce pouches. The recall was done last year on October 31, and was for all pouches regardless of the expiration date and lot number.

According to Ecuadorian officials, one processor was most likely responsible for the lead-contaminated cinnamon that found its way into applesauce pouches that infected hundreds of people in the United States. The FDA stated that Ecuadorian officials have identified cinnamon processor Carlos Aguilera as “the likely source of contamination” of the applesauce pouches.

Sri Lanka is where Aguilera obtained his cinnamon. Before being processed, the cinnamon sticks were lead-free, as stated by Ecuadorian officials. The Ecuadorian facility Austrofoods manufactures the pouches using cinnamon that is sourced from Negasmart, another Ecuadorian supplier. Officials from Ecuador claim that Negasmart obtained its cinnamon from Aguilera.

WanaBana Cinnamon Pouches Recall

According to the FDA, Aguilera’s firm is currently closed while Ecuadorian officials continue their investigation with the WanaBana Cinnamon Pouches recall and will take legal actions to establish who is ultimately responsible for the contamination.

Aguilera refuted the charge and said he did not contaminate the cinnamon in an interview with the Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo. The claim was made when authorities tested goods that had been processed in three of his mills where lead was not discovered.

Although WanaBana did not respond to a request for comment about the WanaBana Cinnamon Pouches recall, they had previously stated they are working with the FDA on the investigation.

The FDA did state that the contamination may have been purposeful and that cinnamon was the most likely source of the contamination. As of February 2, 413 reports of high blood lead levels had been sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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