New Apple Medications Tracker Added To Apple Health App

Apple Medications tracker

The Apple Medications tracker is available on Apple iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple Health app on iOS 16 is receiving an update that brings a new Apple Medications tracker feature that allows the ability to track medications on an iPhone. The new tool will allow users to add medications, vitamins, and supplements to a personal list and create custom schedules and alerts by scanning a product label or by searching for the product in a directory of medicines.

A unique Apple Health feature for those in the United States will notify users on the new Apple Medications tracker for any potentially harmful interactions between the medications they are taking. According to Apple, it’ll be able to notify users of drug combinations that can reduce their effectiveness or result in side effects.

For instance, it can alert any potential problems when combining alcohol and medications like cetirizine or metronidazole. This function will display interactions between prescription drugs, OTC drugs, and a variety of popular supplements.

“It’s helpful to keep in mind that medication tracking, while useful, is only one tool in safely managing your medication schedule,” states the tech giant. “Please consult with your doctor, pharmacist, family members, and any caregivers to create a plan that works best for you.”

This Apple Medications tracker update will automatically show up on any iPhone that has been updated with the iOS 16 update in fall 2022, and it’ll also be included in the Apple Watch OS9 update. Here’s how to track medications on the iPhone while using iOS 16, which is currently available as a free public beta:

  • Open the Health app on an iPhone that’s running iOS 16
  • In the lower right corner, select the “Browse” tab
  • Tap on “Medications”, then select “Add a Medication”.
  • Scan the medication with the iPhone’s camera or manually type it in
  • Observe the instructions to schedule any reminders.
  • To log medication consumption or export a list of meds, access Health app > Browse tab > Medications

The new Apple Medications tracker on the Apple Health app will present a list of potential matches if a precise match cannot be determined or is not discovered. Other features include the option to export a medication list into a PDF and connection with the Apple health data sharing facility, which enables information to be shared securely with medical professionals or caregivers.

“For some people, a pill box will still be the best solution,” said COO of Apple Jeff Williams. “But our phones should be able to track medications for us. It’s very easy to start using Medications and to stick with it.”


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