Easy And Effective Thigh Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Effective thigh exercises

Here the five best effective thigh exercises done in the comfort of your home

Don’t skip leg day—we’ll be going over five easy and effective thigh exercises that will not only strengthen your thighs, but will stabilize your core, knees, lower back, and even your hips. These workouts will help build muscles within the thigh region that are essential for daily activities such as walking, running, or jumping.

While the workouts in this article will strengthen your thighs, they will not necessarily help you lose inner thigh fat. Losing weight in one region is almost unattainable and we only want to practice what we preach. With that said, these easy and effective thigh exercises will surely tone your legs and help develop lean muscle.

For all thigh workouts listed below, make sure to practice three to four sets of 10 to 12 reps at least twice a week. Here we go!

5 Easy And Effective Thigh Exercises

Criss-Cross Flutter Kicks
Targeted muscles (abductors, core)

  • Lie down on back
  • Lift legs 45-degrees
  • Keep lower back and palms touching the floor
  • Point toes and flutter legs a few includes in each direction

Glute Bridge With Prop
Targeted muscles (abductors, core, glutes, hamstrings)

  • Lie down on back
  • Bend knees and plant feet flat on floor
  • Place prop (ball, roller, pillow) between thighs
  • Lift hips and engage glutes and hamstrings
  • Press prop with thighs and hold 2 seconds
  • Lower back down and repeat

Side Thigh Lifts
Targeted muscles (abductors, core)

  • Lie down on left side of body
  • Bend right leg and plant foot in front of left thigh
  • Hold right ankle with right hand
  • Engage core and lift and lower your left leg four inches high
  • Switch sides and repeat

Sumo Squat
Targeted muscles (abductors, core, glutes, hamstrings)

  • Stand with feet wider than shoulders
  • Rotate toes outward, knees pointed toward second toe
  • Hold arms in front of chest
  • Inhale while lowering body to floor
  • Keep spine and chest lifted
  • Once thighs are parallel to floor, stand back up and repeat

Lateral Lunges
Targeted muscles (abductors, abductors (outer thighs), glutes)

  • Stand with feet together
  • Engage core and take one big step to the right
  • Bend toward right knee
  • Keep left leg extended and chest lifted
  • Return to starting position
  • Repeat with other side

We hope you enjoyed this list of simple thigh workouts! Make sure to not speed through these effective thigh exercises as you should focus on paying attention to which muscles you’re targeting. You won’t see benefits right away, so it’s important to stay patient!


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