The Best Treadmill Workouts For All Types of People

Best Treadmill Workouts

Let’s cover the best treadmill workouts for all kind of exercisers and body types

To be honest, no one really likes running on a treadmill, but knowing the best treadmill workouts will make that time spent a whole lot easier. There are so many ways to switch things up on the treadmill so that each exercise can feel fresh and fulfilling. Instead of providing all the different variations out there, we’ll streamline it down to a list of four easy treadmill workouts. Ready up, get set, and read below!

We start off the best treadmill workouts in a more beginner friendly degree of difficulty. As we continue down the list, the workout will progress to become more difficult. Don’t worry—you should always go at your own pace, and there’s no need to complete all of the exercises in one day. Everything is done one step at a time.

One important tip before we begin is to make sure your form is correct when using the treadmill. We don’t want to develop any bad habits here. There are many people who run flat-footed, which is inefficient and can stress the hips and lower back. Running on the toes allows the lower legs to absorb the shock for the rest of the body; this is the correct form to use.

Best Treadmill Workouts

Walk and Jog

Ideal for beginners and those recovering from injury, the simple walk and jog is a simple and effective way to get the blood and muscles flowing. Spend about 20 to 30 minutes on this exercise and feel free to increase your speed when comfortable.

  • Light walk (1 min)
  • Light jog (1 min)
  • Fast jog (until heart rate goes up)
  • Light walk (1 min)


Similar to the walk and jog exercise, the sprint is one of the best treadmill workouts but it pushes the body to the next level. Make sure to start at a slower speed as it requires you to jump on a moving treadmill. When starting, turn the treadmill setting to the desired sprinting speed. Straddle and hold sides of the moving treadmill before jumping on. Let go when balanced and start your sprint!

  • Sprint (15 secs)
  • Break (45 secs)
  • Repeat (7-10 mins)


This 4-minute exercise requires you to set the treadmill to an incline. For beginners, start off at a lower level setting. More experienced people can increase it to their liking. Straddle just like the sprint exercise and jump on when ready.

  • Run (20 secs)
  • Break (10 secs)
  • Run (4 mins)

10-Minute HIIT

This is a high-intensity-interval training workout which will burn hundreds of calories and build leg and core muscles.

  • Brisk walk (2 mins)
  • Level 6 jog (2 mins)
  • Light walk (1 min)
  • Level 7 jog (2 mins)
  • Light walk (30 secs)
  • Level 8 jog (45 secs)
  • Light walk (30 secs)
  • Level 8.5 jog (45 secs)
  • Light walk (30 secs)
  • Level 9 jog (75 seconds)
  • Light walk (30 secs)

We hope you find these best treadmill workouts to be beneficial. Early on in your training, it’s smart to start with the easy workouts. As a novice, you can still use the more difficult workouts. Simply change the settings to match your fitness level and increase the intensity as you grow stronger.


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