How To Practice Anulom Vilom Breathing

Anulom Vilom Breathing

Have you heard of Anulom Vilom breathing?

Anulom Vilom breathing is a specific type of pranayama in yoga, which is also known as controlled breathing. This type of alternate nostril breathing involves holding one nostril closed during inhalation, while the other nostril is closed during exhalation.

Benefits of Anulom Vilom breathing include many physical and psychological benefits. Those who practice will see reduction in stress, improved breathing, and improved cardiovascular functions. Interested? Let’s get started on how to practice this simple yet effective alternate nostril breathing method.

Anulom Vilom is most effective when practiced on an empty stomach. It’s preferred to be done in a cool, comfortable space about four hours after eating. Follow these instructions below to begin Anulom Vilom!

Anulom Vilom Breathing
  • Position in a meditative pose and keep the spine and neck straight
  • Close your eyes and clear the mind
  • Rest out wrists on knees
  • On your right hand, fold the middle and index fingers toward the palm
  • Place thumb on right nostril and ring finger on left nostril
  • Close right nostril with thumb and inhale through left nostril, slowly and deeply.
  • Release thumb and close left nostril with ring finger
  • Exhale slowly through right nostril
  • Practice these steps in reverse (inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left)

For beginners, a 1 to 2 minute session is a great place to start. Feel free to increase the amount as you’d like, but don’t feel pressured to do so if there is any doubt or discomfort. Breathing can have an instant soothing effect as you become more conscious of it and able to manage it.

Practicing Anulom Vilom breathing is a soothing way to kickstart the day, and doing so at night can even help with better sleep. There’s also proof that it improves not just the respiratory and cardiovascular systems but also the brain! Those with chronic respiratory or cardiovascular problems may first seek a doctor before practice. Namaste.


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