Here Are Some Pickleball Safety Tips To Get You Started

Pickleball Safety Tips

Make to follow these pickleball safety tips to reduce risk of injury!

The following pickleball safety tips will not only help players prepare for a fun time, it will allow players to play safely and lessen the risk of injuries on the court. Please consider reading the list of tips below to avoid pickleball injuries!

Be Aware of the Playing Area

When you are playing pickleball, pay attention to the playing field. Sometimes there are obstacles such as bleachers, light posts, or fences, that are close to the pickleball court. Play inside the confines of your playing area and pay attention to these obstacles.

Don’t Play On Wet Courts

Wet pickleball courts are slippery and may cause players to fall. Place your weight on the toe of your shoe and twist forcefully to test if a pickleball court is wet. If any water rises, the pickleball court is wet and unsafe for play.


Arguably one of the most important pickleball safety tips is to warm-up. Make sure to warm-up prior to playing for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Stretching major muscle group such as arms, calves, hamstrings, quads, thighs, lower back, shoulders and even some light jogging will suffice.

Pickleball Safety Tips

Recognize Physical Limitations

Start cautiously and pay attention to your body to avoid overworking it, particularly if you had past injuries or are prone to arthritic flare-ups. Ankle, knee, and wrist braces could be useful as well to reduce the risk of pickleball injuries.

Use Correct Equipment

The right pair of shoes will go a long way. Although this may not seem like one of the usual pickleball safety tips, investing in tennis shoes or shoes that are designed for pickleball can help decrease the risk of injury. Tennis shoes provide good traction and support which can reduce the risk of ankle sprains and Achilles injuries. Also, double check the weight of your pickleball paddle isn’t too heavy, which can lead to tennis elbow.

Learn How To Fall Without Injury

Regardless of how cautious or well-balanced you are, accidents do happen on pickleball courts. Know how to fall safely in these situations. To fall without injury essentially means to tuck and roll to avoid a hard landing and absorb the impact. Protect the sensitive areas, like your head, by covering your head with your arms.

We hope this list of pickleball safety tips will help you enjoy this fun-filled sport that seems to be catching the hype train as of late. If you feel any type of abnormal pain after a session, please consult a doctor.


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